Notice on business starting April 27

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the Japanese Government has declared a state of emergency in the whole country. In response to that, the school has implemented the following measures.


Ÿ   Classes are being held online.

Ÿ   Staff and teacher’s body temperature are checked. Those who have a temperature of at least 37.5°C are prohibited to come to work.

Ÿ   Visitors’ body temperature will also be checked. Entry is prohibited if visitors’ body temperature is at least 37.5°C.

Ÿ   Staff and teachers’ working shifts are being limited.

Ÿ   Students’ entry to school premises will be limited.

Ÿ   Visiting hours and number of visitors will be limited.

Ÿ   Proper ventilation of the office.

Ÿ   Staff and visitors are required to wear masks, use hand disinfectant, and strictly observe proper handwashing.

Ÿ   Regular disinfection of school and office facilities.


Office days and office hours have not changed, but, since the number of staff are limited, please consult first and send an email to or call 098-859-3881 before coming to ICLC.


If you are visiting, please wear a mask, check your temperature, disinfect your hands and practice proper etiquette. We ask for everyone’s cooperation and understanding, and we are sorry for the inconvenience.


※The aforementioned are subject to change without prior notice.