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Okinawa is the best place to study

If you are looking for well structured Japanese language classes on an island with a mild subtropical climate, I recommend ICLC Okinawa. Not only will they help you in studying, they will support you during your stay.

Student from Switzerland

I’m happy to study at ICLC Okinawa

I visited Okinawa once as a child and since then, I’ve always wanted to study in Japan. I chose Okinawa because of its rich history, unique culture and friendly people.

Student from the USA

Independence is the best reason to study abroad

Being a foreign student, I only did not improve my Japanese language ability, I also grew as a person. I am who I am now because of ICLC and for that I am grateful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much!

Student from Taiwan

Thank you ICLC

Japanese is the most difficult language I have ever studied. But after more than a year of studying at ICLC, I could already pass JLPT N2. Thanks to ICLC!

Student from Vietnam

Time flies !!

As the proverb “Time flies” goes, my student life is over in an instant. I couldn’t even say a greeting when I first came to Japan. Now I can speak like a Japanese. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Student from Malaysia

I had a great time at school.

The teachers and students are all very kind. I am grateful to the school for providing students a very comfortable learning environment, and for supporting me when I had trouble finding a job. Thank you very much.

Student from China