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At ICLC, we provide generous support not only in your study but also in your student life so you can focus on your studies. Not only for long-term courses, but also for students on short-term courses. Students may have trouble understanding the language when looking for a place to live or getting sick. In such cases, the staff will provide support so that you can have peace of mind.

Various Support

After arriving in Japan, we will support you on your registration. We will also assist you in pursuing higher education, and in renewing your visa.

In case of illness or injury

There are English, Chinese and other foreign language speaking staff who could accompany you to the hospital for your peace of mind.

Part-time job referral

We will not only assist you in looking for part-time jobs that are in accordance to Japanese laws, we will also provide guidance about writing a Japanese resume and interviews.

Student dormitories in convenient locations are prepared upon your arrival. *Fees vary depending on the type of dormitory. For more information, contact us.