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4 Reasons to Choose ICLC OKINAWA


1.History Oldest Japanese language school in Okinawa

ICLC was established in 1983, making it Okinawa's oldest language school. Every year we welcome students from all over the world. To date, our students have hailed from over 50 countries. We offer education not only for international students but also for business people and short term students. With experience and knowledge over the many years, we provide education that meets the needs and targets of individual students.

2.Diversity Students from all over the world

Studying with students from Asia, Europe, the Americas and other parts of the world makes ICLC a viable environment to enhance your Japanese communication skills. You will not only learn Japanese, it is also a great opportunity to create wonderful connections with people from all over the world.

3.Cultural Experience Unforgettable Memories

Every term (3 months) and for every season, students get to experience Japan and Okinawa’s unique culture. Being the birthplace of Karate, Ryukyu folk dance, Guinness World Record holder Giant Tug-of-War, and other historical heritage, Okinawa is overflowing with a vibrant culture. Since home visits and homestays to get closer to Okinawan (Uchinanchu) life can be arranged, you can improve your Japanese proficiency while making unforgettable memories.

4.Quality of Education Training Course for Japanese Language Teachers

ICLC offers Japanese language teachers a training course accredited by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. We constantly strive to improve and maintain the quality of education. ICLC has earned a reputation for maintaining a high passing rate in JLPT among its students. Since its founding, ICLC accepts students from nearly 20 different countries and regions every year. We provide high quality education rooted on the knowledge and experiences we have accumulated over the many years to help achieve the goals and meet the needs of every student.