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Message from ICLC

Message from ICLC

ICLC wishes every student to play an active role on the international stage. People who work on a global level look beyond different cultures, religion, race and perspectives. Not only do they have excellent sense of balance that enables smooth communication, they are also equipped with language proficiency. At ICLC, students from all over the world unite to work hard in an environment where they can grow. Immerse yourself in diverse values and broaden your horizon at Okinawa. Be proficient in Japanese, and spread your wings.

Principal Greetings

In the age of globalization, the importance of languages for communication is growing. The number of people coming from abroad to study in Japan is increasing every year, and there’s a growing demand for Japanese language.

With Okinawa’s beautiful nature and warm people, it carries a reputation among international students as a comfortable place to live in. Located in the south of Japan, you can enjoy a warm climate throughout the year. Okinawa has a unique culture, history and performing arts not found in the rest of Japan.

ICLC takes pride as the oldest Japanese language institution in the prefecture. With experienced and dedicated teachers and staff, you will feel at home at ICLC. Japanese language is also being taught through the study of Okinawa’s unique culture and through training people who can play an active role in an international setting. ICLC is an ideal place to deepen your understanding of Japanese and to have an enjoyable overseas study experience.

– Prinicipal Delia Kinjo