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About School and Classes

We accept all ages older than 18 years old. For students over the age of 70, we require them to bring a companion in order to ensure safety and health during their stay in Japan.

Each class has around 16 – 20 students.

Yes, you can. But we will ask you to study Hiragana and Katakana before joining the beginner classes, so the teachers can focus on teaching students conversation skills. Hiragana and Katakana can be easily self-studied.

Yes. You can extend as long as you’d like within the circumstances of your visa/residence status.

We have a 9-month(3 terms) curriculum for beginners that focus on conversation. From the 4th term, there will be classes that include reading, writing, and JLPT studies. There are no conversation-focused classes for levels higher than beginners. All classes will be on 4 essential skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and JLPT studies.

We only offer group lessons.

We only have classes in the morning and afternoon on weekdays.

You can join ICLC if you have completed over 12 years of public education in your country.

Our shortest course is 3 months(10 weeks).

About Application and Visa

After ICLC receives all required documents from you, ICLC will apply for your Certificate of Eligibility(COE).
Once the COE is issued by the immigration office, ICLC will deliver it to your home country.
When you receive the COE, you can bring it to the embassy or consulate of Japan in your country and apply for the student visa.
*The embassy/consulate will require additional documents for student visa application. Please check with them directly.

It takes approximately 6 months. Students must submit and prepare documents up front to reach the deadline for visa application.

For student visas for language schools, you can extend within the maximum duration of 2 years. You cannot reapply or extend after 2 years.

About Life in Japan

If you will study in Japan on a student visa, you can apply for a work permit that allows you to work for up to 28 hours a week.
During school breaks, you can work for up to 40 hours a week after submitting a special form.

For tourist visas, you are not allowed to work part-time.

For working holiday visas, there is no restriction in working hours.

You can move into the dorms 3 to 4 days(excluding weekends and public holidays) before the opening ceremony.
ICLC will notify you the details after dorm application.

Yes. You will be charged an additional 3,000 yen to move out.

There are parking spaces available for motorcycles and bicycles. We do not have parking lots for cars.


This is a buy & sell platform. The people who sell are locals, so you would probably need to communicate in Japanese.


AEON mall near school (comes with bicycle registration)


RyuQ Cycle
Offers weekly and monthly rental plans

Offers 1 day pass

CYCY Okinawa
Lower rates and more drop-off stations

ICLC students will be covered under the International Students Kyosai Insurance for sudden illnesses, accidental injuries and death.
Please check the details here.

The above insurance will only be applicable to cases with medical costs over 6,000 yen.

*Optional interpretation support by school staff costs 3,000 yen for students who are not on student visa.
*Students with residents status(PR, SOFA, spouse, work, etc.) will not be covered by the above insurance.
*Students on student visas or working holiday visas will also be insured under the National Health Insurance system in Japan.

There are no scholarships provided by ICLC, but some students use scholarship programs provided by their home country.