ICLC Japanese Language Institute

Study Japanese in Okinawa, Japanʼ s tropical paradise.



Imagine studying Japanese in Okinawa, where you are surrounded by the clear sky and beautiful ocean.
We at the International Center of Language and Culture (ICLC), offer both short and long-term comprehensive courses in the heart of Okinawa.
You will gain priceless opportunities to experience both traditional Japanese culture and unique Okinawan island living while you improve your Japanese communication ability.

We have welcomed students from more than 40 different countries since 1983. We developed well-structured and specialized programs through years of experience in teaching the Japanese language. In our program, students learn Japanese in a combination of classroom and cultural study.

Of course, learning the Japanese language is important but we would also like you to enjoy life in Okinawa.
To make your time on this beautiful island more memorable, we organize special events throughout the year such as a beach party (BBQ),a speech contest and school trips to local spots. You will never be bored here in Okinawa with us!

Are you a student, a working professional, or a tourist? You can always find what you need at ICLC! We offer four different Japanese language courses to suit different levels and purposes.
They are: “Comprehensive Japanese Language Course” , “Japan-Okinawa Experience Course” , “Summer Course” , and “Private Lessons” . We also offer a “Japanese Teacher Training Course” to utilize our knowledge of teaching Japanese.
In addition to these courses, we can help students to find a part-time job to fund their study.

Please feel absolutely free to send any requests and inquiries about our course contents and activities.
We look forward to welcoming you to ICLC!


1Comprehensive Japanese Language Course

In this course, students learn and develop the comprehensive Japanese communication skills in listening, speaking, writing and reading in order to be able to further study their areas of interests in university or vocational school.
Also, this course includes studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). The length of the course varies according to the month that you start. Plus, depending on your level, it is possible to graduate in just one year.

Starging Month
Length of Course
2 years
1 year and 9 months
1 year and 6 months
1 year and 3 months
Fees 758,000JPY / year ( with a student visa )

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2Comprehensive Japanese Language Course

Visiting Japan with a tourist visa or working holiday visa? This course may be just what you need.
You can experience traditional Japanese and Okinawan culture while you learn fundamental Japanese communication skills in listening, speaking, writing and reading. The original duration of this course is 3 month/term.
If you have a working holiday visa, you can extend the course up to 4 terms lasting 12 months.

Fees 150,000JPY / 3 months / term ( no studecnt visa )

3Summer Course ※Getting Ready

Half of the two-week Summer Course focuses on learning practical and conversational Japanese and Kanji.
The other half is for you to get the most out of your time in the beautiful tropical island ofOkinawa.
Youʼ ll have the opportunity to try snorkeling, visit famous sites, make traditional Ryukyu glassware, and more!
There are plenty of places to visit and practice Japanese in Okinawa.

Fees 150,000JPYincluding lesson fee, activities and accommodation consisting ofshared dormitories ( single rooms are available at a fee ).
150,000JPY / 3 months / term ( no student visa )

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Japanese Teacher Training Course

This is the ideal course if you are looking for a practical and comprehensive training program to become a Japanese language teacher.
For more details, please refer here.

Fees 594,000JPY / Comprehensive Course ( 420 hours )
356,400JPY / Theory Course
356,400JPY / Practical Course